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A scratch here, a ding there. Driving in India is not exactly a test. That is the reason we offer the best car denting and painting services in Pune.
1. Improves the general style of a vehicle
2. successful approach to keep up a vehicle for delayed use
3. A vehicle with dent and scratches costs less for resale
4. Ignoring paint can cause rusting issues

We utilize the best specialized strategies to serve our best to remove dent or scratch from your vehicle, and give it the look that you needed. We offer you the best group for the Dent and Paint services , with exceedingly prepared and proficient mechanics and workers for fixing your vehicle so you can drive it back to home with satisfaction.

We offer denting and painting services for all cars of any make and model at your nearest CAR ASSIST service center in Pune
• Per panel denting and painting service
• Full body denting and painting service
• Car bumper repair of denting and painting
• Fibre and plastic dent removal
• Custom denting and painting repairs

Procedure of dent and paint incorporates different techniques , for example, Scrubbing, covering, Primer (Prime is the essential coat which is connected for the paint to adhere to the board.), base coat application, Washing, Applying enamel (Lacquer is connected to give the ideal sparkle to the board and influence it to seem like different boards), Mask expulsion (The veiled is presently carted away, after appropriate utilization of finish), drying and last cleaning.

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