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Who doesn’t like a nice, clean and polished car? Everyone right? So get your car to our service center and we’ll make it squeaky clean. Our mechanics at Car Assist garage are well equipped and skilled who will take care of your car.

Polishing your automobile will help to extend the life and beauty of the paint and exterior. Car Polish is the often forgotten step between washing and waxing, but when done properly, it completely revitalizes the car's exterior finish. A thorough car washing and polishing will remove firmly bonded surface contaminants and subsurface paint defects, and will prepare the surface gloss for wax application.

Car wax polish is the most important step, as a viewer or observer will only go for look and aesthetics. It includes various processes like washing, rubbing, wet sanding, cleaning of alloy wheels, drying, polishing, UV protection layering application, buffing.
• We do washing and detailing of Interior and exterior parts of the car.
• We do polishing of Exterior and Interior parts of the car with authorized car wax polish products imported from Germany, US, London and some other parts of the world.
• We do provide customized car grooming and car modification services in Pune.
• We do provide Teflon-Coating and Scratch Removal Solutions.
• We do provide car servicing and maintenance solutions.
• Removal of Tar Marks, Bird Droppings
• Removal of Minor Scratches
• Full Body car rubbing polish & Surface Smoothing Treatment
• Imperfect Point / Paint Correction
• Full Body Polish with Buffing Machine
• Tyre Cleaning & Polishing
• Door Corner Cleaning
• Basic Glass Cleaning & Polishing
• Engine Room Cleaning & Polishing
• Shine Restoration of Exterior Body

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