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We get a wholesome experience of a car only when we are sitting inside it. So definitely interior of the car matters a lot. It should be clean and neat and well equipped to give us a comfortable feeling. We at Car Assist provide car interior cleaning services in Pune. So Let’s make your car clean!!!!

Car Interior Cleaning includes the following points:

• Anti-Bacterial Foam Cleaning of Seats (Leather and Fabric Seats both)
• Seats cleaning with special purpose cleaners and stain removal.
• Leather seats cleaning, polished and shampooed.
• Anti-Bacterial Foam Cleaning of Interior Door Panels, door jamb cleaning and other Fiber Parts.
• Foam Cleaning of Car’s Interior Roof Top (Fabric / Leather )
• Vacuum Cleaning of Car’s Interior Floor / Legroom.
• Vacuum Cleaning of Trunk / Storage Space / Boot Space
• Dry Cleaning of removable Foot Mats placed on Car’s Interior Floor
• Interior Deodorizing with use of Specialized perfumes made for Automobiles
• Lint removal from Roof post-Cleaning
• Foam Cleaning of Windshield and Windows from Interior
• Paper Floor mats placed on floor for all seat
• Polishing Dark Colored Interior Fiber Parts with Vinyl Protectants that offer UV Protection and protect Fiber Parts from losing their Shine & Color
• Cleaning of mirrors and window top glass.
• Roof cleaning with special sponge, microfiber cloth and upholstery machine.
• Center console detailing.
• Dashboard cleaning, dressing and polishing with protection including steam for detailing purpose.
• Fully deodorized.
• Floor mat cleaning and carpet shampooing with special upholstery cleaning machine.

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